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Policies & Procedures

Elements of Process and Procedures of a study program at
Jubilee College and Jubilee Graduate Research School

  1. Numbering System.
    Each course is presented with a 4-digit number. Those numbers relate in this manner:
    1000 — first number relates to the level;
    0100 — second number relates to the semester;
    0011 — third and fourth place numbers relate to the sequence in each level.
  2. Research Writing Instruction.
    Most Jubilee College courses require research work for completion of the course. Several factors are involved in this process.
    1. Revelation and information are retained better as the student reviews and researches the subject further.
    2. All teaching should be validated by further research by the student.
    3. Material is logged in a manner so as to be useful in the writing and use of a teaching method in the future.
    4. It is a major goal of Jubilee College to produce effective, scholarly, accurate writers, teachers, ministers and administrators so that the Word of God will be delivered accurately in Seminaries, Colleges, Churches, and in Homes of Believers.

    Therefore, in addition to the 10 courses required of each student for completion of the program, all students receive instructional material and video instruction on constructing research papers required for Jubilee College. The format is simple and the process will help the student retain and utilize the materials in this course of study. The Research Writing course is offered to students without additional charge. It receives no grading but is required before submitting a research assignment to Jubilee or an instructor. The course is presented by Mark Gentry, Academic Dean of Jubilee College. Dean Gentry will monitor student work and will be accessible to students for assistance with the required research papers.

  3. Following registration, application for scholarship funds (if applicable) and payment of fees, students will receive their first semester courses, syllabus and texts within approximately 2 weeks.
  4. Students paying monthly must remit payments by the 15th of each month or suffer a $20.00 late fee.  If an unforeseen situation arises, the student should notify the office as early as possible of a late payment, otherwise the fee will be added to the student's account. As with all institutions, consistently late payments may result in administrative action.
  5. Students are expected to submit assignments in a timely manner. Unless arrangements are made with a particular instructor, students are expected to submit assignments for one course every 60 days. Course assignments may be submitted sooner, but extensions must be approved by either the Academic Dean or by contacting the Administrative Office
  6. All Fees must be paid before graduation from any level.
  7. Transfer students will be given credit only for those subjects that relate closely to those offered through the Jubilee program. The program at Jubilee is unique and few colleges offer similar courses. Although the information offered at Jubilee is far from exclusive, it is our intent to give the student an opportunity to achieve a level of study that will be valuable in future study and research.
  8. Availability. The administrative staff at Jubilee pledges to be available to the student for any and all questions and consultation needs. A phone call or email will be answered, in most cases, within 12 hours. Messages and emails are checked several times daily. If it is necessary to leave a message on the numbers provided, please inform our staff of the times you can be reached and the number at which you will be available.
  9. Reliability of the course of study. Because Jubilee College offers a foundation in historical, cultural, archeological, geographical and linguistic study, we are in no way a theological institution. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds in Biblical faith and represent several denominations as well as non-denominational groups. We are not intent on presenting a doctrine that reflects a particular Christian view, but we are intent on giving students the tools to understand scripture, to learn the way of righteous living and to express a holy life in the style of their particular denomination, to the glory of God.  
  10. It is further our intent to help students become scholars in biblical literature, biblical history, biblical archeology, biblical language, and in biblical culture. Jubilee College and Jubilee Graduate Research School lends its support and prayers to Israel and to the Jewish people and consider our faith as part of one root, that of the God of Israel.