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Enrollment Information


Students are accepted by the Board of Jubilee Christian College and selection is made based on the evidence of the student's desire to learn and live according to the principles given in Scripture and his or her sincere desire to progress in study and learning. Students are initially accepted by their commitment to study and to comply with the character standards of the College and by upholding principles put forth by Jubilee Christian College.


All enrolling students are welcome to submit prior transcripts from established colleges, seminaries, or ministry training institutions. Each student is individually evaluated based on the information submitted. Some practical ministry may be taken into consideration which may offer the student Life skills credits. Upon acceptance of any previous credits, a student will be advised as to the courses necessary to complete the desired degree.


Practical Ministry is required of all students providing an opportunity for applying classroom learning to actual ministry. At the Biblical Studies level, practical ministry will be narrowed down to fields of calling that relate to him or her personally. At the Bachelor's level, practical ministry will be conducted with more permanent positional responsibility in mind. At this level, a student should be directing their ministry toward the field they will be serving in following graduation. Those who enroll in courses as audit students, not desiring to work towards a degree, are not required to submit such document.  Any questions concerning this are to be directed to the school administrator. Evaluation forms are given to those individuals who have direct oversight of the student during practical ministry; these must be returned to the school administrator at the beginning of the following semester.


Submit scholarship request information along with the application for enrollment. Your request will be reviewed by the scholarship committee for assignment and approval. You will receive notice if a scholarship is granted.

Application process

  1. Complete the online application form.
  2. Note the field of study you wish to pursue.
  3. If you have an undergraduate degree in a field not offered by Jubilee, you may apply that level of accomplishment to the graduate level in the field of your choice. However, students transferring from other fields, at any level, must complete the 10 core courses in level one or show proficiency in each subject.
  4. Request transcripts of any courses or degrees you wish to have considered for credit with Jubilee.
  5. Obtain the required references.
  6. Send application, reference letters (or have them sent directly to Jubilee), photo, registration fee and copies of applicable transcripts to Jubilee:
    P.O. Box 1604 • Malvern, AR 72104
  7. If you wish to apply for a scholarship as a full-time student, please provide a 500-word request stating why you feel you need this program of study and why you should be considered for a scholarship and send to the above address.
  8. Married couples receive a tuition scholarship for the mate. Supplies, syllabus and books are not included in the scholarship.