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Diplomas and Degrees


Ancient Middle Eastern Biblical Studies (Click here for courses)

This degree covers the History of the Hebrews, Culture/Climate, Hebrew Thought, Second Temple History, Biblical Language, and the Historical Atmosphere surrounding Biblical events. Ten core courses from this field, giving a complete overview of Biblical faith, are required for all students, regardless of their entry level.

Biblical Studies Degree Program (Click here for courses)

This degree continues from the core courses with in-depth study skills of scripture. It is a particularly important degree for scholars, teachers, and other Christian leaders.

Ministry Degree Program (Click here for courses)

The foundations of this degree are similar to the two previous areas of study, however, at the third level more attention is given to pastoral and leadership ministry, dealing with interpersonal relationships and developing leadership skills.

Christian Education Degree Program (Click here for courses)

Christians are vital in areas of education, especially to the church body. This degree offers hands-on training in an established Christian school (K-12) with experienced leadership in dealing with all aspects of a Christian education.

Although coursework for the Christian Education degree will not be accepted for teacher certification/licensure in the state of Arkansas, the training is valuable for teachers in either private or public education.

For all Bachelor Degree Programs

Students select a field of interest upon enrollment. However, Core Courses in Hebraic/Christian study are required for all degree fields.

Second and third year students will concentrate on their specific degree programs as well as courses in Scripture and related topics. In addition to required and elective courses, students may join mission trips and field trips to Biblical sites, which will add to the success of a students' studies.

Following the successful completion of the first two years' Core Studies, where primary emphasis is on the foundations of Hebraic/Christian study, students meet at the beginning of the third year with an appointed school counselor to review their goals and choose their major field of study. Transfer students must complete certain core subjects in order to move to the final stages of their degree program. All students are carefully guided through Jubilee Christian College in order to insure that all foundational work is completed and that they are fully prepared for their life's work.

The goal of Jubilee is two-fold. First, to facilitate students to fulfill the call of God on their lives. Second, to train graduates willing to commit to others what God has entrusted to them, who in turn will produce others, who will go and do likewise.

The Ancient Middle Eastern Biblical Studies student will concentrate on the historical research available through the library, instructors, designated research and reading, as well as individual research into specific areas.

The Biblical Studies degree includes the foundational courses in Ancient History along with considerable study in Hebrew Language, Research and analysis of the Biblical Text, Historical Studies, and 'Life' Skills. This degree gives emphasis to exegesis of the Biblical Text and to study of extra-Biblical works surrounding the Second Temple period in history.

The Ministry degree emphasis will focus on application of ministerial principles, counseling, hermeneutics, exegesis, etc. Foundational courses in Ancient History, Archeology, and Biblical Language study skills are offered in the first and second level with emphasis on Ministry Skills taking much of the third and fourth year.

The Christian Education degree will spend a great deal of time in the study of Classroom Procedures, Method, and Philosophies of Christian Education following Foundational Study in year one and two. The advantage of this program is that individualized instruction and monitoring are included for all students. The student will be required to spend several weeks in a mentoring program as well as a great deal of time in the classroom under the direction of highly qualified teachers.

Master's Degree

  • Ancient Middle Eastern Biblical Studies
  • Biblical Studies
  • Ministry
  • Christian Education

Masters Study Program

The Masters level is designed to fulfill all academic requirements of the selected course of study, including sufficient study of Scripture and the Christian faith. Students are guided through each level with a course advisor, as well as being directed toward their life's goals by concerned staff. The best course of study for any student is one that he or she enjoys and feels God has called them to. Efforts to secure places for their life's work will be supported and aided in any way possible by the faculty and administration of Jubilee Christian College.

Doctor's Degree

  • Ancient Middle Eastern Biblical Studies
  • Biblical Studies
  • Ministry
  • Christian Education

Doctoral Programs

The Doctoral student is required to complete an intense course of study culminating in a doctoral dissertation in a subject relating to his or her degree major. The components included in the dissertation are: Reading assignments equal to 9000 pages (about 36-37 books), footnotes or end notes, a complete bibliography of all resources, and two hard bound copies.