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Religious Education Graduate Program

3101E Women in History

Women: their roles and their woes are given a new light in this historically supported course. Women destined to find their own work and worship give excitement to this well-documented study of the historical roles of women. The study also identifies philosophies and theories that dictate the role of women today. In the light of Scripture women can be restored.

3102E Israel Today

Contemporary Israel, the complications of its existence and the origins of its authority challenge the student to examine all aspects of this tiny nation and to pray for the inhabitants of this tiny land. Political, spiritual, racial, and geographical elements make up this study that will bring clarity to many misunderstood messages prevalent in both the secular and religious world.

3102E Religious Education History

Although great effort is given to methodology in education, the core differences in methodology and philosophy determine the result of those educational systems. This study includes methods to help homeschool families teach their children and preparing individuals a support units for those families.

3103E Ethics of the Fathers (Pirke Avot)

An in-depth study of the Ethics of the Fathers from ancient sources and current research. Assigned reading and research accompany this course.

3104E Preparation for Internship in a Religious Setting

The student will submit to a full semester’s program for the intern. During this final course before serving a semester at a religious institution approved by Jubilee. The student will be instructed in the program of teaching at SOS and will be introduced to the procedures and faculty where the internship will be completed.

3105E Classroom Practicum

Guided classroom and research study under the direction of a school administrator provides preparation for teaching in a Christian setting. Each course is specifically designed and directed by Professor. This coursework for the Christian Education degree will not be accepted for teacher certification or licensure in the State of Arkansas.

3106E Philosophy of Christian Education

This course explores the distinctions between Christian and Secular education and provides the philosophical foundation for Christian Education with particular reference to Biblical texts and historical precedents in the training of children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” Included are the Yeshiva and the Puritan schools established in the early Colonial period, on up through Home-schooling and Sunday school movements of later American history.

3107E Classroom Instruction for the Christian Teacher I

This course is a practicum in classroom teaching in a Christian school under the mentorship of experienced teachers.

3108E Tests and Measurements

This course teaches the preparation and perspective of assessment in Christian Education.

3109E Marriage and Family from a Christian Perspective

This course provides the perspective of Christian Education as related to the families of both students and teachers in the Christian school.

3110E Advanced Biblical Leadership

Principles of leadership taken from the Bible are applied to Christian education.

4101E Practical Ministry in Education

More than just teaching “subjects,” Christian education involves ministry to the whole child and to his or her family.

4102E Classroom Instruction for the Christian Teacher II

This gives a further opportunity for practical experience in the classroom.

4103E School Administration

This class teaches the practical and philosophical aspects of administration in Christian education.

4104E Communication Skills

This course teaches practical skills for communicating in Christian education.

4105E Christian Organizational Leadership in Ministry

This course provides the fundamentals for establishing and conducting an effective organizational program for Christian education.


A full semester internship with an approved religious school is required for completion of this degree program.