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Ministry Graduate Program

3101M Women in History

Women: their roles and their woes are given a new light in this historically supported course. Women destined to find their own work and worship give excitement to this well-documented study of the historical roles of women. The study also identifies philosophies and theories that dictate the role of women today. In the light of Scripture women can be restored.

3102M Israel Today

Contemporary Israel, the complications of its existence and the origins of its authority challenge the student to examine all aspects of this tiny nation and to pray for the inhabitants of this tiny land. Political, spiritual, racial, and geographical elements make up this study that will bring clarity to many misunderstood messages prevalent in both the secular and religious world.

3103M Religious Historical Education

Although great effort is given to methodology in education, the core differences in learning stem from basic philosophies of life. This course addresses the major avenues of thought in educational circles and looks back to ancient Israel for patterns of learning that might be helpful in addressing old problems with new ways of thinking.

3103M Biblical Archaeology I

This study of the subject gives the student an opportunity to focus on specific archeological projects related to Biblical history. Photos, diagrams and sketches provide visual aids to make the digs real and interesting. Students are assigned projects for research that will heighten their interest in this valuable tool to Biblical authenticity.

3105M Ancient Greece/Development of the Early Church

This course is critical for New Testament believers.  Understanding the Greek influence in the early church will answer long standing questions for followers of the Hebrew Messiah.

3204M Ethics of the Fathers (Pirke Avot)

An in-depth study of the Ethics of the Fathers from ancient sources and current research. Assigned reading and research accompany this course.

4110M Ministry Mentorship

This course involves service in a mentorship program with a seasoned and mature minister. Preparation for this project includes research into the most suited and agreeable place in which to serve. An approval letter and mentorship philosophy of the minister under which you will serve is required as well as a commitment of no less than 6 months in one position of service under that leadership. Letters of approval at the end of the 6 months from mentor.

4206M Advanced Biblical Leadership

This study looks at powerful ministries throughout the last 2000 years, identifying the cultural aspects, the setting, the preparation and presentations of successful ministries. Comparing biblical ministries and the ministry of Yeshua with other historical churches and ministers. This is not intended to be a ‘formula’ for ministry, but to review examples both biblical and non-biblical in reaching people with the message of the Kingdom.

4207M Biblical Counseling: Marriage and Family

Equipping ministers to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of in the Body has been a long neglected issue. Today’s ministers are seldom equipped to deal with the issues facing families and even individuals in the congregation. This is an excellent foundational study that will help the leader of any group of people deal with those needs.

4208M Hermeneutics and Exegesis

Rules and organizational principles of hermeneutical study of Scripture is the forward to a practice or organizational methods for presentation for the best possible result.